Voice of Users

Stronger than it looksD
Feel warm when I grasp the gripD
Comfortable textureD
Very easy to graspD
More interesting design than other handrailD
Possible to hold in any postureD
Considering many situation, Tesrix covers any peopleD
Possible to hold any partD
Easy to hold in any stanceD
Thatfs a very interesting ideaD
Very interesting switchover of ideaD
I wouldnft hit upon this ideaD
Easy to hold any part of TesrixD
Lots of gripsD
Its color is goodD
It looks easy to be installedD
Lighter than I had thoughtD
I can hold on tight to Tesrix because I change the part to graspD
People who has a problem of partial color blindness cannot identify red.
Regardless of the difference between men and women, or purposes of use, anybody can use itD
You can hold any part of it, which expands the sphere of activity or action.
It doesnft look cold because it is plastic material.
Without an oppressive feeling because of its matrix shapeD
Owing to its simple design, Tesrix matches any kinds of room.
A firm gripD
Tesrix becomes an accent of a room because of its bold red.
Tesrix covers any people regardless of the difference of figuresD
Without corner, I feel it soft.
Red is loud in typical household, it is better if I can choose other color.
It seems dirt collects in the gap.
The width of grid is proper, I can hold grid whichever you like.
I can fix it in vertical or in horizontal.
Some part of are difficult to be put together.
Looks cheap.
Much better if there are several different colors.
Why donft you advertise Tesrix on TV or on mail-order catalogues.
I like that rough texture.
The name, Tesrix, is good.
Better if there are several sizes.
Make it more thinner.
Safety because of the round shape of corner.
It is better if antibacterial coat is applied.
Produce Tesrix with patterns.
The back side of grip makes me hurt when I hold it.
Make 3 different color Tesrix.
How about selling to school , hospital, or home for aging people at cheap price.
Itfs possible to install it horizontally and vertically.
It will not get a rust when it get wet with rain and seems easy to maintain.
Tesrix looks strong enough not to get scratch easily.
Dirt seems inconspicuous.
Not slippery.
The color doesnft match to all walls , considering a color scheme.
Too big.
It isnft suitable for movement to the horizontal direction.
It hurts me when I hold tight it.
The size of grip is proper.
What about producing round shape Tesrix?
Difficult to install.
Better if you have Tesrix that is half the size of present Tesrix.
You can use it as towel rail.
When you touch it with wet hands, you can hold it tightly.
Impossible to install unless you make holes on the wall.
We need many Tesrixes when we move to the horizontal direction.
Itfs obstructive when it is install in the small bathroom.
I think it is more easier to install Tesrix if the installation of joint is a screwed type.
The combination of red and black is cool.
It looks firm because the joint is black.
I want square type Tesrix.
I have an oppressive feeling if it is installed in small bathroom.
Impossible to slide hands because of its grid shape.
Unsuitable to large space like corridor.
When you install Tesrix in the bathroom, you need to apply antibacterial coat. Because you use it before you wash your hands.
Itfs comfortable owing to its roundish shape.
There is little need to worry we get injured when we hit against Tesrix carelessly.
Good quiet red color.
Too big to bathroom in ordinary house.
I wish I could choose Tesrix with grips of different thickness.
If the back side of grip texture is rough as well as the front side, much better.
I might think it better handrail is a little closer to the wall.
Tesrix is useful because you can hang your clothes on it in your room.
It seems that we can use it for long time because it is strong.
Itfs lighter than I had expected.
We donft need to examine the position of installation closely.
We donft need to reinstall the handrail even if the user changes.
The shape is unique.
I havenft seen such a handrail before.
The shape of Tesrix doesnft get us to feel it is a handrail, so it fits to the interior decorations in the room.
I can hold it tightly because wherever you feel comfortable.
Name is very interesting.
I think it much better if I can choose the color or size.
With caps, the dirt cannot be let in the hole of screw.
I donft care a little dirt because of its dark color.
The design is very good.
Tesrix seems softer compared to old L-shape handrail.
Feel smoth.
Corners are R-shape so it doesnft hurt me.
According to the height of installation, it hits childrenfs heads.
There is a limit to the installation place because you need to make holes on the wall to fix Tesrix.
The grip of grid is a perfect hit for me.
If Tesrix has more variations in color, it would be much better.
It is dangerous because children hang on to the grid.
When we install Tesrix in bathroom, doesnft it get mildewed?
If Tesrix had more variations in material, I would buy it.
The thickness of grip is a perfect hit for me.
In the case he installs Tesrix in bathroom, there is fear of the accident that Tesrix hits onefs head when he falls down.
More interesting if there are various kinds of sizes.
Slippy when your hands are wet.
I think it prettier if Tesrix has flower patterns.
You can use Tesrix as a hanger.
Except for a hanger, Tesrix might have various uses.
I think it better if there is Tesrix with grained patterns.
Install Tesrix in the house for aged people.
Make the surface of grips rough like health sandals and just hold Tesrix ,then it stimulates the pressure points of hands.
More interesting if they have various types of Tesrix.
Useful because there are lots of grids to hold.
Take up a lot of room.
The thickness of Tesrix is a perfect fit for everyone.
Regardless of onefs figure, one can use Tesrix.
Unique design.
Rounded off the sharp corners, Tesrix seems very comforable.
Made of plastic, it is light.
You can hold Tesrix in horizontal and vertical, you can use it in any stance.

Feel free to use more information and let us know your feeling about Tesrix.